Millions of songs! Music? Solved.

BarBox provides an ever-increasing up–to–date music library that currently includes millions of songs. In it you'll find the newest hits, music's best legends and even less known artists. Register now and try out BarBox with your first 15 days free of charge. BarBox runs on PC/MAC, Android and iOS devices.

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Jukebox feature. Satisfied visitors.

Your establishment's customers download the BarBox app for free at the App Store or Google Play. After connecting to your establishment's Wi-Fi, they choose and listen to their favorite songs. However, you, as the owner of the establishment, have complete control over which songs play. You can restrict certain genres, ban specific songs or completely turn off the customer's option to add songs.

Easy settings. Absolute control over the music.

Using the Music Genres Timer you can set the right musical atmosphere, for specific situations. For example slower music during the day and faster music in the evening and so on. When the DJ arrives, you can turn on function called DJ Mode. Then users send their music requests to the DJ and he sees the song requests in the BarBox interface.

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I want BarBox for my establishment.

Register your establishment here. It'll take a few minutes, and then you can start playing music.

How does registration work?

During registration you‛ll only fill in some basic information. Log into the Admin Interface via the website or by using the iOS or Android app..

How much does BarBox cost?

The first 15 days are free of charge. After that, BarBox costs (BarBox is not available in your country) EUR per month.

What do I need?

1) Wi-Fi in your establishment

2) An audio playback system

What can BarBox do?

In production Keep customers longer in your establishment

In production Compatibility with iOS, Android, MAC or PC

In production Millions of up-to-date songs

In production Immediate access to the newest hits in music

In production Complete control over the music playing in an establishment (banning unwanted musical genres, songs, artists or countries)

In production Turn on and off the function of your customers adding songs

In production Music Genres timing option.

In production Playlists created by celebrities and editors

In production Option to save your own playlists

In production Customers see the current playlist

In production DJ Mode - Users can send requests to the DJ

In production Automatic playback of backup songs when your internet connection fails

In production BarBox Remote Control. You have an option to control your Admin Interface remotely (for example from your smartphone)

In production Smooth crossfading of the songs

In production All songs are in the same audio volume

In production BarBox recognize the music taste of your customers and than automatically play their favorite songs

Is my information protected?

Yes. Whatever information that you register with BarBox is stored on a secured server. Passwords are always encrypted. The payment gateway is encrypted by Braintree.

Terms of use

The full version of BarBox's terms of use can be found here.

Do you have any other questions?

Don't hesitate contacting us. We like helping and explaining!


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